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How to Find Grace When You Feel Like Giving Up

How to Find Grace When You Feel Like Giving Up

What is it that makes people give up on their dreams? Most of us don't consciously want to settle into a mundane life so what it is that keeps us from being who we really want to be?

As human beings, not only do we have to deal with all kinds of stressful feelings such as fear, insecurity, discouragement, overwhelm, etc. we are all hit at some point in our lives with huge challenges we didn't count on such as a divorce, a bitter betrayal, the death of a loved one, a debilitating illness, job loss, or even a bankruptcy.

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Conquering the "Why Bother" Syndrome

Conquering the "Why Bother" Syndrome

Did you know that if you are bombarded with thoughts of "Why Bother" and feelings of deep discouragement, your body's energy system will not support you in making the changes you want to make in your life?

Over the past few weeks I've been working to prepare another class on how to clear emotional stress and the blocks that keep people stuck.

The other classes I've offered so far, have been all about clearing the emotional and physical issues that can cause the body to hold on to unwanted weight. (If you were unable to attend and would like to have access to those classes, they are available in the store section of my website down the page under "Weight Issues") 

During these classes, I noticed that there was a lot of discouragement in the room that could best be described as feelings of "WHY BOTHER!!! I'M SO TIRED OF THE STRUGGLE!"

This is an issue that can stop all efforts for change immediately.

You might be suffering from the "Why Bother Syndrome" if you're finding yourself in any of the following kinds of scenarios:

*You're wanting to lose weight but having a hard time finding the motivation to try again. You're having thoughts like "why bother, last time I lost 20 pounds only to gain 25 back. I'm so tired of this!" b2ap3_thumbnail_exercisegoals.jpg

*You've set a New Year's goal to advance in your career and you find yourself thinking, "I'll never get anywhere with this. Last time I really tried, nobody noticed and it didn't work. Why bother?"

*Maybe you're struggling with a health challenge where you've seen 5 doctors in a row and they've all promised to help but nothing they have done has worked."

*You've decided to give your best effort to improving your marriage or family relationships only to find yourself in another argument and feeling like your efforts have not been appreciated."

Or... there's another dynamic to the "Why Bother Syndrome" that I've really noticed the last little while. It seems to be a collective energy that we're all sharing a little bit right now with the state of the economy and so many people struggling and out of work. I've noticed that there's a sense of hopelessness and discouragement that has come over a big percentage of the population  from viewing the news and hearing all the grim predictions for the future.

If any of what I'm saying here is resonating with you and feeling at all familiar, and you're thinking you might be suffering with the "Why Bother Syndrome" I invite you to consider scheduling some healing sessions for yourself.

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Feeling Drained? 2 Ways to Know if You're Suffering from the "Why Bother?" Syndrome

Feeling Drained? 2 Ways to Know if You're Suffering from the "Why Bother?" Syndrome

So how do you know if you’ve come down with the “Why Bother

Here’s 2 ways you can tell immediately:

1.) Listen to your thoughts. What do they sound like?

Do you notice yourself thinking things like, “Why would I try
that again? Look what happened the other times! It was a
disaster!” or “I’ve lost 100 pounds over my lifetime so far and
gained 125 back. If I drop the weight, I’ll just gain it back
and hate myself all over again. WHY BOTHER!”

Are you trying to improve or heal a relationship only to notice
yourself thinking “I’m tired of trying, the more I try, the
worse it gets. We’ve gone to therapists, and it doesn’t help!
It too painful to open myself up just to be hurt. I’m tired of
being disappointed.”

Are you struggling with a chronic health condition and hearing
yourself thinking these kinds of thoughts: “So many people have
said they could help me and none of them have. I’m not putting
myself through that again. It’s just too disappointing. Also,
it’s starting to feel like all I do is keep throwing my money
away to all these different therapies and medications.”

Are you trying to heal your finances and noticed thoughts like
“This is the worst economy ever. I don’t have the money I
should have had by now. I should have more things in order.
I’ll never get ahead, WHY BOTHER!”

2.) How much energy do you have?

When it comes to making the changes you want to in your life, do
you have lots of energy or motivation or do you notice yourself
feeling drained just thinking about it?

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Tired of Feeling Drained and Wiped out?

Tired of Feeling Drained and Wiped out?

Negative emotion is one of the biggest energy drains we are constantly faced with.

The other day I was asking one of my good friends what she thought about some of my new advertising that said "Emotional Healing Made Easy." She said, "If I'm an average person and I read, 'emotional healing' the first thing I think is, 'hmm I don't need that." The problem is, we do!

Our emotions have a profound affect on our energy levels and how well we are able to function in all areas of our lives! Yet this is a fact that most people don't realize. 

Unresolved emotional baggage actually affects you just like extra programs, spam, and viruses affect your computer.


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How to Stop Struggling So More Good Stuff Can Come into Your Life

How to Stop Struggling So More Good Stuff Can Come into Your Life

I just read this article in “The Certain Way” Ezine and it really made me think about how often we MAKE ourselves work harder, do more, push push push, when we’re feeling tired, overwhelmed, angry, resentful, or just plain worn out. This article sure makes you think about the value of “working more and working harder” when you are already feeling overwhelmed, afraid, desperate, discouraged, etc. It also might invite you to consider certain types of questions like…

  • Why am I doing all of this?
  • What is my intention in trying to do it all? Am I afraid of losing everything? Am I afraid I’ll have no value if I don’t do it?

I loved this article because it’s designed to help you see the value in being clear emotionally and mentally before you try to “do more, run faster, push harder” to make changes you might feel are necessary in your life. I also thought it was an excellent explanation for those days when you feel you “ran all day” and you still came home thinking, “I’ve been running all day, I’m wiped out, and I feel like I didn’t get anything done!”

I hope you enjoy the article. I know it’s a little long but it’s thought provoking and I think you will find it worth the time. I sure did!

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