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Here you'll find new ideas and simple techniques designed to dissolve negative emotion so you feel lighter, calmer, and happier. :) Join the conversation, your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Great tips for releasing paralyzing feelings of stress and overwhelm. Clear your head in minutes so you can feel empowered and calm.

Great information. Discover what they don't tell you about illness and lack of energy. Learn about the kinds of things that drain your energy and how you can strengthen your boundaries and reclaim it.

Get some easy tips for how you can release the emotional stress and baggage that contributes to chronic contention and agitation. Create peace within yourself so you can connect more deeply with those you care about most.

Simple tips for releasing patterns of stress and self sabotage. Learn how to transform the energy so the healthy changes you're trying to make with stick.

Too many people now a days struggle with chronic anxiety and even panic attacks. Here you'll find some simple techniques that work to clear and release the stress as it comes up. Learn how to reach a place of calm and mental clarity so you can handle what comes up in an empowered way.