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A Clearing to Help you Live Lighter; How to Dissolve Feelings of Sadness and Grief in Minutes.‏

A Clearing to Help you Live Lighter; How to Dissolve Feelings of Sadness and Grief in Minutes.‏

Sadness, is a deep emotion that we all will experience at some point in our lives. For most people it's a heavy feeling in the chest that's always there in varying degrees. What's discouraging is emotional healing and coping techniques weren't really taught to the vast majority of us in school or at home so we've had to develop other methods to cope such as staying extra busy, eating comforting foods, or drowning ourselves in T.V., movies, etc.

Sometimes it's just too overwhelming and scary to look at. Even if we were to look at it, what then? What do we do with it? What's the point of even bringing it up?

sadness is healingSadness is actually a healing emotion. Acknowledging and moving through it helps to change and enhance our lives in so many ways!

Did you know that sadness is designed to help us let go of everything we've lost or are in the process of losing? It's also designed to help us let go of everything that's no longer working in our lives. Since life is about change and movement, we can all expect to deal with this emotion on a semi-regular basis. Just think of all the people, close relationships, things, jobs, homes, everything that comes and goes in our lives. It's part of the flow. When we hide from the sadness it can jam this flow and make us miserable. Sadness is designed to help us let go of what is gone or what we no longer need so we can bring something new and more fitting into our lives.

Knowing how to incorporate energy healing techniques helps you to move through the sadness so you can move and thrive with the changes. This lighter feeling keeps you open and allows new, more fitting things, people, and events to flow into your life.

All this considered.. sometimes we're not ready to let go of something, yet it's happening anyway. Kids grow up and move out, jobs and circumstances shift, those we love pass away, change happens whether we want it or are ready for it or not. So I wanted to share with you a Meridian Tapping clearing here in hopes of offering relief and comfort for whatever you may be going through.

A clearing to release sadness and open the space to bring something wonderful and healing into your life: meridian 500X593

Side of hand: Even though I'm feeling all this sadness and grief, I wasn't ready to lose what I have and it really hurts, I love and accept myself with kindness and compassion, this has been really hard.

Even though I'm feeling so sad, this isn't how I thought things would turn out, I wanted more time, I'm not ready to let go, I love and accept this part of me, loss and change can be heart wrenching, I'm doing the best I know how.

Even though it feels like I can't hold on to anything, sometimes the temporariness of life and all the changes is just too much, sometimes I just want my world to stay the same, I love this part of me, it's the part of me that really loves the life I've created and the people around me, I'm doing the best I know how.

Inside of eye: I feel so sad right now. It's heavy in my chest.

Side of eye: It's so hard to let go. I know I have to, I just don't want to.

Under the eye: I feel so heart broken.

Under the nose: I really needed for things to be different and they aren't going to be. I give myself compassion and empathy because things haven't turned out the way I wanted or thought I needed.

Chin: My chest feels so heavy it's hard to breathe.

Collarbone: Even though this sadness feels heavy and uncomfortable, I'm willing to allow myself to take some time to be alone so I can process, cry and move through it.

Under the arm: If I'm willing to tap and move through it, I'm choosing to know that the tears I am shedding are healing tears and nothing to be embarrassed or afraid of.

Top of head: I'm allowing my body to release the sadness and grief.

Inside of eyebrow: Things will never be the same but I'm willing to release the need I have to hold on to the way it was, even though there are parts of me that desperately want to.

Side of eye: I'm willing to release the pain and stay open to the new energy that's trying to come into my life.

Under the eye: I'm choosing to stay open to being in the flow of life and letting go when needed.

Under the nose: It's hard, but it's life sometimes. It's still easier than carrying around the sadness and trying to hold on to things that are no longer there or working.

Chin: I'm choosing to allow myself the time and space I need to process the sadness and take care of me.

Collarbone: I am now choosing to stay open to the new and wonderful people and blessings that are wanting to come into my life.

Under the arm: I am choosing to see my life as surrounded by healing grace and lots of Spiritual support that is helping to orchestrate the details of my life. I am now choosing to remember that I am never alone and everything will somehow work out. I'm okay.

Top of head: I'm choosing to feel calm, soothed, and comforted.

Take a few deep breaths and allow your body to release the heaviness.

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