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Dealing with the Inner Critic

Dealing with the Inner Critic

Do you have a way of expressing your creativity? I don’t mean that you have to be an artist. (unless you are) What I mean is, do you have a way of expressing your passion or a deep desire to explore and learn more about the things that you enjoy?  

Imagine that your heart, perhaps your spirit, really wants to teach or take some art classes, yet as soon as you decide to act on that nudge you hear a voice in the back of your mind saying, “Are you crazy? Who do you think you are? Everyone else is so much better than you are. Why would you even try that? What’s the point? How will that pay the bills? etc. etc.” It goes on and on and on.

From now on, recognize that this specific train of thought that’s telling you all the reasons that you are inadequate and can not follow your heart is just the silent trouble maker in the back of your mind. This is the voice that we all deal with that we have to love because it's just trying to keep us safe and out of trouble. The problem with it is, it can be hypersensitive and so afraid of being humiliated or hurt that it can keep us shut down and debilitated if we don't work with it.

Just recently it occurred to me that I could do something about this little voice. I decided that it was time for us to have a serious talk. I actually fired the voice. I told it right out loud, “You are officially fired and I no longer need your services in finding all the reasons that I can’t do anything right. Your new job with me is as follows:

You are now to put all that energy and focus into finding the reasons that I am capable and good enough. You can also start finding more resources and new ideas that we have never thought of before.” I told the voice that I would really appreciate better material from now on.

You can do the same. Here's a simple tip to help you re-assign this critical voice to a new position:

Tap the center of your chest while repeating the following statements:

"Even though I have this voice in the back of my mind that constantly let's me know how scary trying new things could be, and all the reasons that I could fail, get hurt, and might not be good enough, etc. I love this part of me, this is just the part of me that wants me to be safe and secure. I'm grateful that it's working to keep me safe but I'm to the point now that I'm ready to move forward with my life. So I am now choosing to fire this voice in my head from it's current job position. I no longer want to hear all the reasons that I'm not good enough, I now want this part of me to focus on finding new resources, brilliant ideas, and encouragement that will help me connect with my dreams. I am grateful that we are now choosing to work together and move forward from here."

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