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How to Heal so Family Get Together's Don't Push Your Buttons

How to Heal so Family Get Together's Don't Push Your Buttons

I love the idea of the Thanksgiving Holiday and focusing on the things we're most grateful for and getting together with family. It's an awesome idea. Yet for some it can be a source of major discomfort.
For me, I used to spend year after year feeling dread and anxiety at the very thought of Thanksgiving Day.

Every year my immediate and extended family gets together for a huge Holiday dinner. I really am grateful and do enjoy seeing most of the family but there's a few that I have felt incredibly uncomfortable around. For years, I just tried to stay busy and stay away from these people.

The problem with my strategy of avoidance was the agitation I felt simply being in the same space. It caused me to snap at my kids and close off my heart to everyone else. By the end of a full day of this I would feel edgy, exhausted, and emotionally drained. For many years, I never took the time to clear these feelings because I only see these people once a year and I just felt it was a day to be endured.
A few years ago, I decided enduring really wasn't the way I wanted to spend the Holiday and it was time to clear the energy.

Doing these 5 simple steps made a huge difference and it was easy! (Certainly easier than being so uncomfortable every year.) So, if you're feeling uneasy about the Holidays and family gatherings, here's something quick you can do to clear the energy so you can have a great time and feel more connected and close to those you love.enjoying-family-gatherings

1. Determine who or what causes you to feel so uncomfortable? Is it the fear of being judged or criticized? Is it the fear of being rejected? Is it old hurts from the past resurfacing? Or maybe the task of putting together the event seems overwhelming? For me, when I considered this question, I realized that my discomfort stemmed from a few certain individuals who liked to have their fun at my expense. They constantly made me the butt of all their jokes. No matter what I did growing up, I always got laughed at. So my uneasiness around them was just the old hurts that hadn't been released..... click here to continue reading the article...

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