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Happy 4th, How to Reclaim Your Emotional Freedom and Live Lighter

Happy 4th, How to Reclaim Your Emotional Freedom and Live Lighter

This is the weekend we celebrate this amazing country and the freedoms we all enjoy.
With that in mind, I wondered if you would be willing to reflect on another question… “Are you emotionally free or are you constantly held hostage by your emotional stuff?” Does the pain of the past, hurt, trauma, divorce, etc. weigh you down with fear, regret, heartache, and anxiety? Or… do you avoid certain events or dread them due to unresolved feelings or issues with a person who might be there?

Our emotional stuff keeps us limited, drained, and unable to fully enjoy the amazing lives that we live.

So today, in honor of the 4th, I wanted to share a clearing to help you feel more emotionally free.
(Of course, this simple clearing won’t make you emotionally free, as we all have layers of issues and emotions that need work. This clearing is designed simply to help you feel calmer and more at peace with where you are in your life and what’s possible.)
This is a Meridian Tapping Clearing and it works kind of like emotional acupressure. Since our emotions are just “energy in motion” and all negative emotion is caused by disruptions in the body’s energy system, (that’s why it hurts!) tapping works directly with the meridian system to clear the disruptions. This immediately helps the body dissolve the emotion in minutes.
***Click here to see more research and info about how and why it works.

Click here for even more research. :)

To do this clearing exercise, just refer to the glamorous photo of me covered in tapping points to see where the points are then just tap the points with your fingertips while meridian 500X593repeating the phrases next to each point. It doesn’t matter which side you tap on, either side will work, just do whatever feels comfortable.

Start tapping the following points while repeating the accompanying phrases:

Side of hand: Even though I’m feeling constantly at war with my emotions, there’s so much going on inside, it makes it hard to enjoy what’s happening on the outside, I love and accept myself and all these difficult emotions.

Even though I’m so tired of fighting the pain and hurt of the past, I really want to release it all and move on, I just haven’t known how. I appreciate me for being strong and handling it the best I could.

Even though I’m not feeling free emotionally at the moment, I’m open to new solutions and taking the steps to release this heavy burden.

Inside of eyebrow: I’m so tired of feeling all this stuff.

Side of eye: I’m tired of the constant fight of keeping it buried and keeping up appearances.

Under the eye: I’m tired of the constant battle of keeping my emotions in check, sometimes it just feels like I’m going to lose it! There’s so much going on all the time!

Under the nose: I just want to feel lighter and more at peace. This emotional stuff can feel so huge and overwhelming.

Chin: I just want to release it from my life once and for all.

Collarbone: I don’t want to have to talk about my issues for hours on end. I just want to clear it from my life.

Under the arm: I’m open to new ideas and ways of releasing the old stuff.

Top of the head: I’m open to letting this go or at least ending the battle.

Inside of eyebrow: I’m open to allowing my body to feel more calm in this moment.

Side of eye: I don’t have to deal with everything all at once. Maybe I can take it at my own pace and clear things as I’m ready.

Under the eye: I’m open to feeling calm and peaceful this weekend.

Under the nose: I’m open to allowing my heart to heal and relax.

Chin: I’m open to feeling loved and connected with the people around me this weekend.

Collarbone: I’m choosing to allow my body and mind to relax and enjoy what’s around me.

Under the arm: I’m choosing to be open to new solutions and setting time aside to take care of me.

Top of the head: I’m open to taking the steps that feel right for me to start clearing the old baggage from my life. I want to feel calm and clear because life’s better, I’m better, when I feel good.

Take a few deep breaths and allow the tension and stress to leave your body.

I hope you have a fabulous 4th of July weekend.

Emotional mastery is a journey that you will fall in love with. Why? Because it’s the coolest thing ever to clear your stuff and then watch in amazement as you’re able to talk and feel compassion for certain people that used to push your buttons or tackle anything in your life that used to scare or stop you. But the most breathtaking of all, is watching your relationships with your children and spouse transform right before your eyes! My life has gone from desperate to magical and yours can too! I guarantee it!

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Emotional healing is not a one time event, it's a journey of self discovery and empowerment that you'll fall in love with! You'll enjoy the healing changes that shower over your life as you begin to release the baggage of the past that's been holding you back.

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