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How Feelings of Inadequacy are a Deep Call from the Soul

How Feelings of Inadequacy are a Deep Call from the Soul

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Did you know that every negative emotion that you feel has wisdom and a call contained in it? Negative emotions are painful because they are designed to get your attention!

What they're saying is, "Stop! Pay attention! Whatever you are thinking about, speaking about, or engaging in is not serving you in getting where you want to go!"

Also, each specific uncomfortable emotion that you feel like anger, sadness, guilt, loneliness, and even just stress all have important wisdom and guidance designed to change your life. The trick is to understand the secret language and what they're trying to say.

For example's sake, let's look at the wisdom that is offered in feeling inadequate.

When you are feeling negative emotion, it's a result of a need in your life that is currently unmet and it needs attention. The need hidden behind inadequacy type feelings is a need to feel adequate, competent, and appreciated. The cause of this emotion is usually when you're believing that you're lacking in some important area of your life.

So, when you're feeling a negative emotion, let's say inadequate, the first thing to do is honor the feeling. Appreciate it for getting your attention that perhaps you are your own worst critic and you need to evaluate your thoughts and self talk.

Or maybe it's a part of you that would like to learn more or gain more skill in a certain subject or area in your life. I used to believe that I couldn't do anything technical or with websites. It scared me and I had decided it was an impossibility for me. Then, a web designer said, "Ginny, you can do it, it's not impossible, it's just something to be learned." This changed my whole paradigm about it, "Hmm just something to be learned. I can do this!"

I believe feelings of inadequacy are a deep call from the soul for you to honor yourself and everything that you are already doing well in your life.

Feeling inadequate or not, I invite you to consider honoring your soul and making a list of all the things that are wonderful about you!

*I bet you are a kind person.

*You probably smiled at someone today.

*You probably are very considerate and always hold the door open for someone coming behind you.

*You probably did the grocery shopping for your family.

*You are probably brilliant and skilled at the work that you do and you made enough money to buy the things that you and your family needed this week.

*You probably do wonderful things everyday to make the house more comfortable for the others that live with you.

*You're working to heal your emotional issues because you're reading this email.

Make a list today and honor yourself for the fabulous human being that you already are.

Also, if you want to learn more about the different emotions and what each one is specifically trying to tell you, get your copy of the audio program "How to Heal Using the Hidden Messages in Negative Emotion." You can get yours at the store section of my website.




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