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Clearing Aches and Pains so You Can Feel More Energized

Clearing Aches and Pains so You Can Feel More Energized

Our bodies are a great tool to help us set and maintain healthy boundaries.

If you're body is feeling drained and full of aches and pains, its important to pay attention. I'm not talking about paying attention on the physical level (most of us are pretty on top of that) I'm talking about getting silent and evaluating what's going on in your emotional life and your body's energy field.

Sometimes we get caught up in other peoples problems and take on all their stress. Or.. we want someone else's approval so we give all our energy to that person hoping they will validate and love us. These are just a few minor examples, imagine what a divorce, death, or major conflict does to our energy field! The key to staying healthy and feeling good is to work on noticing where you're losing your energy and where the imbalances are.

I've been actively taking care of my energy this way for the last 6 years and it's made a phenomenal difference in every area of my life. I have more energy than I did 20 years ago as a High School kid. My body and health is better than it's ever been and the best part is.. I look and feel younger than I did 10 years ago because I'm no longer allowing my energy field to be scattered and lost all over the place. If you can learn to work on this level, you'll notice chronic aches and pains tend to vanish and take care of themselves.

Albert Einstein is famous for saying, "Everything is energy, that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."

Energy comes before matter. If you'll manage your energy first, everything on the physical level starts to heal itself.

If you're feeling chronically achy, drained, exhausted, agitated, foggy, distracted, distant, like you're losing it, on edge, hanging on by your fingernails, etc. etc. Take a moment to check in with your energy field and see what's going on? Use the process below to find out if you're holding other people's stuff or losing all your energy to someone else or a stressful situation.

Here are a few simple steps to help you get your energy field straightened out:  meditation-healing

1. Find a comfortable place to sit where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes.

2. Take a few calming breaths, close your eyes, and check in with how you feel.

3. What does your body feel like? Does it feel heavy, lethargic, drained, achy, calm, comfortable, etc.?

4. If there’s somewhere in your body that feels heavy or uncomfortable, try to disconnect from the discomfort and sense… does the area feel heavy, like you’re holding energy that isn’t yours and/or do you feel a pull as though energy is leaving you?

If you feel too much energy or a pull, like it's leaving you, this usually means you have unhealthy attachments with others or old traumas that are weighing you down. These problems in your energy field (energetic boundaries) are significant contributors to the body breaking down. If you’re holding energy that doesn’t belong to you (such as carrying others burdens, judgments, or opinions) this is hard on the body because it’s not your energy to process.

If you’re losing energy, your body will suffer because the energy is going out to people or places it doesn’t belong leaving you without the life force you need to create healthy cells and tissues. This can make it extremely hard for your body to heal on it's own. Usually what this will look like is you'll have an illness or pain in your body that doesn't really heal. It doesn't get worse but it doesn't get better either. It's just kind of there. How frustrating! These unhealthy attachments can also cause you to feel agitated and to snap at those you love.

The programs listed below are great tools to help you start clearing the issues and old attachments so you can establish strong boundaries.

Keep reading and use the simple clearing exercise below to release the energy you just found.

The “Smile Again 7 Days to a Happier You” audio program is jam packed with done for you clearings to help you release draining energy patterns so you can establish a new way of being. Follow along with these clearings and watch the stress leave your body and your life transform! Click here to download yours and start clearing now.

The Design Your Destiny audio program is designed to help you reconnect with yourself and gives you 7 simple steps that transform and align your energy with all the healing changes you really want to experience. It’s like hard wiring your energy to bring magic and miracles into your life. Click here to start listening now.

So to recap:
1. Take a moment to ask yourself, “Who’s energy am I holding? Is there a situation I’m still mentally and energetically attached to?”
“Where is my energy right now other than here? Have I attached it to someone or an emotional upset?”

Here’s a simple technique to help release some of the attachments:
Take some deep breaths while tapping the center of your chest, the Thymus Point. Keep tapping and repeat the following statements:

“Even though I’m still holding on to energy that doesn’t belong to me, I’m choosing to ask my Higher Self (The Spiritual Being that’s having this human experience) to remove and return this energy to the Higher Self of the person it belongs to. I ask that this energy be released from every level, layer, area, and aspect of my being. I’m choosing to do my best to stay grounded and centered in this moment.”

Take some deep breaths and visualize your energy being cleared and sorted out.

If you're holding energy that's not yours, sit quietly and visualize the energy being removed from your body and energy field and returned to the Higher Self of the person that it belongs to. If you're energy is scattered and attached to others or stressful situations, imagine the person it's attached to as being plugged in and surrounded by a spiritual healing team of angels (so they are fully supported) then ask that you're energy be removed and returned to your Higher Self where it can be cleared, transmuted, and returned to you. Break the cord (energetic connection) by snapping your fingers and imagining the cord disintegrating and your energy field being repaired.


feeling calm and freeIf you’re feeling stressed and worried with lots of attachments coming up, (this can feel like the energy isn’t moving, it’s stuck to you like gum on your shoe) then I strongly recommend scheduling some healing sessions for yourself so we can find and clear the deeper issues that are keeping you stuck and attached where you shouldn't be. Click here to find out more about free consultations.

Some people feel worried to cut the ties because they feel they’re helping those they love by carrying their burdens. The uncomfortable energy connections you feel in your body are toxic ties that actually agitate and hinder relationships. Releasing these toxic ties (no matter how well intended they are) actually helps to create stronger, healthier heart connections.

If you liked this article and this kind of information, please come join my private group on Facebook. I have created this group to be a secure setting where we can talk about emotional healing and great ways to work with it. If you're interested, click here to join!

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