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How to Connect with Your Wild, Beautiful Nature

How to Connect with Your Wild, Beautiful Nature

Today’s message is for women! If you’re a man receiving this, please share it with the women in your life.  Thank you!

Hi Everyone,
I realize this is a strange article starting off with a quote about how a woman is just like a wolf… but please bear with me, I have a point, I promise! A healthy woman is much like a wolf--1 2

Lately, I’ve been noticing that more and more women are losing their sparkle and I’m upset about it! It’s not that they aren’t beautiful, strong, and loving people, because they  are! It’s more like the overall energy of their being seems dull and tarnished. Instead of sparkling with radiance, their eyes show that they are feeling beat down, overwhelmed, and worried. There’s a heaviness on their shoulders that you can actually see (if you’re looking.)

Are you experiencing something like this? It has become so prevalent in our society, that I’m even noticing it spreading across social media. More and more women are expressing their inability to cope and their deep frustration at feeling out of control with their emotions! What makes me sad is the main solution everyone is commenting about is prescription drugs.
I’m not making a statement about whether drugs are right for someone or not, but what concerns me is the message we’re getting as a society. The message being that our emotions are out of our control and one’s only hope is to get some prescription help to keep them quiet and behaved…

The problem with this is as women, if we are truly like the wolf, we’re not meant to turn off our feelings and be quiet and behaved! That might be nice for a while because at least it’s ended the battle but it also shuts our radiance and sparkle down and what if the world really needs that energy! Maybe WE really need that energy!!!!!

I feel a deep compassion and connection with women as I pass them in the grocery store, at the school, or even at the gas pump because I feel like we’re all in this together! We all have children we worry about, parent’s we’re taking care of, husbands who need us yet don’t always really see us, sometimes it feels we are invisible as we struggle to take care of all the unseen needs of the people we love.

As women, we’re meant to feel free, joyful, and alive! We’re meant to have a sparkle in our eyes that is contagious and brings life and energy to our family and work. Women are spectacular! Think about it.. We have the capacity to grow a baby and feed it from our own bodies for years if we wanted to! We are walking miracles!

Yet, as women, we also feel our world deeply, not just our own emotions but the feelings and burdens of others. We are literally designed to take everything in! This is awesome and difficult at the same time.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and beat down, imagine how much easier your life would be if the emotional stuff was handled and you could actually disconnect energetically from other people’s problems and stress. How much more powerful would you be if you felt free, calm, fully awake, and alive? What if you knew a simple way to be able to listen and be there for others without having to take their problems on?

Knowing how to take care of myself emotionally has completely changed my life! There are moments when I still blow it or things fall apart but the wonderful thing is, the painful experience doesn’t cost me my soul anymore! I now know the simple steps it takes to clear the energy so I can get out from under it.
The reason that I started my practice and website is because I wanted to help other moms to be able to let go of the worry, anger, stress, inadequacy, anguish, etc. It doesn’t have to be this debilitating problem you have no power over!

calm happy momImagine how cool it would be to be able to calmly handle your child when they’re throwing a screaming tantrum or doing what kids do, without having to hold on by your fingernails trying your noble best to not give in to the temptation to lock them in a closet.. (Sometimes when it’s a super PMS day, these kinds of thoughts or worse have crossed my mind!)
When the emotional heaviness is truly released and out of your life, you can live free to handle whatever is in the moment. Think about it.. When you’re feeling light, happy, and on top of things emotionally, a kid being difficult isn’t fun, but you can handle it and you feel great because you handled it well and now your relationship with your child is better than ever.

Healing from this level is true healing! It’s getting to the root of things and physically shedding the baggage so it’s not constantly running your life!
Completing this process is easier than you think… IF…you know how!

I love doing this work and watching the light and sparkle come back to a woman’s eyes because I know that she’s going to go home and rock her world! She’ll light up the whole street and maybe her whole town, who knows!

I’m writing this blog just to say, you’re amazing! You deserve to connect with your wild, beautiful nature! This nature doesn’t mean you’re crazy and out of control, it simple means that you have the capacity to rise to any occasion with dignity.

It means you deserve to proceed in your life as a powerful being who is friendly but never tame!
I know it’s hard to put yourself first. As women we make incredible sacrifices every day for those we love! But what if the best thing you can do for others is light up your own life? Can you imagine how much more you would have to give if you yourself weren’t running on empty? 

If you would like to release the baggage and bring your sparkle back, just click here to find out more about free consulations. Your life is precious and it doesn’t have to be spent in survival mode. You deserve better!
All the best,


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