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How to Find Grace When You Feel Like Giving Up

How to Find Grace When You Feel Like Giving Up

What is it that makes people give up on their dreams? Most of us don't consciously want to settle into a mundane life so what it is that keeps us from being who we really want to be?

As human beings, not only do we have to deal with all kinds of stressful feelings such as fear, insecurity, discouragement, overwhelm, etc. we are all hit at some point in our lives with huge challenges we didn't count on such as a divorce, a bitter betrayal, the death of a loved one, a debilitating illness, job loss, or even a bankruptcy.

These defining events are not only hard to recover from, they tend to consume our energy and leave us feeling drained and withdrawn from life.

So what do we do? How do we navigate these unbelievable storms without losing hope or the vision that lights up our soul and makes life worth living?
2 Steps to Seeing the Situation with Spiritual Eyes and a Higher Perspective:

Since we all will face big challenges at some point in our lives, I wanted to share a few ideas. It is my hope that they will offer comfort and a lift during difficult times.

1. Raise your perspective; get above the situation so you can see it through the eyes of your spirit.

Do a meditation with the intent to see the situation through the eyes of your Higher-Self, the Spiritual Being that's having this human experience. When your mind feels calm and clear, ask your Higher Self, "What did my soul want to gain from this experience? Could it be forgiveness, compassion, endurance, courage or perhaps the ability to trust myself, to stand on my own, or to listen to my intuition?"

Trust the ideas that come to you. Viewing the situation from this perspective helps you find the courage and inspiration to know how best to move through it. This way you can use the experience to transform, to see your life through new eyes, and to arrive at the end of a dark time feeling majestic and empowered rather than drained and diminished.

2. Connect with Grace

Some things in life are just too much for us to handle on our own. We need to access Grace which is healing strength from the Divine.

Caroline Myss talks eloquently in her book, "Defy Gravity, Healing Beyond the bounds of Reason," about the specific graces and how they can help us get through life's difficulties. If we can focus on allowing these graces to flood our lives, we will not only be able to rise above the situation, we'll be able to hold on to our dreams.

The energy of grace constantly surrounds us and is always available. Our task is simply to be open and allow it in. It is helpful and empowering to focus on the graces during prayer and meditation. I especially like to incorporate them using Meridian Tapping, which works extremely well when you're facing a difficult situation or just feeling stuck and unsure of what steps need to be taken next. Tapping with the graces in mind helps shift the energy and open your heart so you can more fully receive the spiritual support that always surrounds you.

Below I've included a list of the 7 graces followed by a Meridian Tapping clearing to help incorporate this beautiful energy.

Meridian Tapping, also known as EFT, is an energy healing tool that can be thought of as emotional acupuncture but without the needles. It's simple and it works. Just use your fingertips and tap the different points illustrated below while reading the associated script provided after the list of graces. Take deep breaths as you tap the points and allow your body to release the stress and connect with grace and healing.

The Graces:

The Grace of Wisdom: The ability to receive loving information from God, the capacity to see your life from a higher perspective.

The Grace of Knowledge: The ability to understand and recognize spiritual concepts and truths.

The grace of Counsel: Guidance and clarity about the path you need to take.

The Grace of Courage: Courage and strength in times of chaos and uncertainty, courage to move toward your life purpose.

The Grace of Understanding: The ability to more deeply understand yourself and why you do the things you do, and how others are feeling.

The Grace of Creativity and Trust: Creativity and a deeper level of trust in the Divine, the ability to see all of life as loving and supporting your highest growth and learning.

The Grace of Reverence: A loving feeling of belonging with all of life, a deep love and respect for your own life, an ability to know and feel your value.

I'm including here, a meridian tapping clearing that helps dissolve the stress and negativity and incorporate the energy of these powerful graces into your life! Use this clearing to lift your spirits when you're going through a difficult time. :)

Meridian Tapping Technique to Incorporate the Graces:

Click here to read the rest of this article and access the tapping clearing.

This clearing is awesome! It's absolutely worth taking the time to tap through! It's one of my very favorite ones, my go-to for the moments of feeling discouraged, overwhelmed, and like things are spinnning out of control. Make sure you click the link and follow along with the clearing! Let me know in the comments below what you thought about it!

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