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If You Accept the Pain, it Can't Hurt You

If You Accept the Pain, it Can't Hurt You

Don’t you just love it when you find that perfect quote that sticks with you all day?

Here are a few I just saw from Hugh MacLeod. (He’s a writer that expresses universal truths with comedy and doodles. I think he’s a fun read because he’s a little bit controversial. J)

“Everyone has their own Mt. Everest that they were put on this earth to climb.” –Hugh MacLeodovercoming depression healing negative emotion

You know what? I think that the experience of Depression (or any kind of deep emotional pain for that matter) can make even the simplest acts, like getting out of bed each day feel like you are climbing Mt. Everest. So… What if finding relief and a way out IS the Mt. Everest in your life?

What if you’re actually meant to figure out how to get over the mountain and move on with your life?

From everything I’ve lived, learned, and studied (which is unconventional, but it works!) about Depression and emotional pain, there’s one common truth that can’t be avoided and here it is:

  • The only way to achieve genuine healing and power over depression, trauma, or whatever the emotional burden is… is you have to face it. (I know, it sounds scary and overwhelming but it really isn’t if you have the right tools and know-how. It’s actually freeing, not awful like you might imagine.)

“If you accept the pain, it cannot hurt you.” Hugh MacLeod

“Whatever you resist, persists.” =Neale Donald Walsch

Emotional pain, especially depression can feel like this invisible force that’s overrunning your life. Most of us weren’t taught effective strategies to heal and release it. (Weren’t we all taught to “be nice, don’t be mad, don’t cry, be tough, etc.?”)

5So… most of us are spending a lot of time and energy trying to distract ourselves, stuff the pain, or run away from it altogether. This becomes like a gigantic monster that follows you around day in and day out. You run and you run as fast as you can but you can never really rest. Nothing ever changes until you finally face it and say, “What do you want?” When you finally face the monster, you realize, it’s not as scary as you once thought.

(What is “the monster?” It’s the emotional pain you experience when you think about the problems in your life that you feel powerless to solve. These problems look like big relationship issues, chronic health challenges, or scary financial pressures. Everyone will face something that feels huge and impossible at some point in their lives.)

Facing “the monster” of depression and deep emotional pain can seem overwhelming and terrifying when you don’t understand your feelings and how to work with them. (Most of us don’t! We weren’t taught this in school!)

When you have concrete tools, which include a specific physical protocol, (physical, makes it concrete and workable!) it’s much easier to face your feelings and problems head on. Think about it, how much easier would your problems be if you could release all the emotional stress around them? With a clear mind and heart, you could finally find a solution and it would be relatively simple to take action and change things. Yet, nothing is easy or really even workable when you’re feeling scared, worried, angry, abandoned, sad, frustrated, defeated, etc.

So… if you think about emotional pain, depression, trauma, etc. in terms of climbing Mt. Everest, you wouldn’t try to climb that huge mountain without the best equipment and supplies money could buy right? Would you start climbing alone with no instructions, ropes, food, etc. and expect to make it? Probably not, who would?

But what if you had the gear and know-how to face whatever you ran into? What if you knew you could overcome every challenge and make it over that mountain?overcome depression emotional pain

Imagine how very different your life would be if you were to make it to the top and be done with it? If you could learn the tools and strategies, you could use those same tools to handle any other challenge that ever came your way.

Once you know how to navigate and find the calm no matter what the crisis, what can’t you handle? Imagine how worry-free and confidently you could live!

Imagine how strong you could be if you made the choice to stop running and face your monster whatever it is head on?

I’m sharing this today to let you know it’s possible! The tools and know-how are available and they are simple! I’m currently teaching kids some easy ways to work with their emotions and it has been life changing for them! If they can do it, you can too!

15 years ago I suffered with debilitating Post-Partum Depression that later developed into suicidal desperation! No one had any answers and I reacted to all the conventional medications. I had to find another way and I discovered it over years of research, mentors, classes, too many books to count, and my own sweat, blood, and anguish. As a result, I truly believe from the bottom of my heart, I can show anyone how to get out of deep emotional pain and depression. I’m not great at a lot of things, but I am superb at this because I’ve made it my life’s work to know this stuff inside and out! I know the exact steps it takes and I’ve created a map to make it as easy and do-able as possible. The answers are simpler than you might think.

I am not a medical doctor, traditional psychologist, or even a counselor. I consider myself a teacher, a coach, and an energy clearing expert. (If you want to find out more about energy healing and why it works, click here.)


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