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Lighten Your Life and Sparkle with Confidence in 2017,

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Hi Everyone! How are you doing???

One of the biggest things that makes us feel lighter and full of confidence is when something just finally clicks for us and our whole being to the very core just screams "YES!"

These life changing moments happen all the time when we realize things like:

I don't have to be friends with everyone, I can be kind and still protect myself.

I'm doing okay in life. I got this.

I have it pretty good. I'm so grateful for my life.

I'm so much stronger than I ever realized. I'm proud of the way I made it through this.

One of my good friends told me the other day that she had a wonderful clicking moment. It wouldn't seem like a big deal to anyone else but it was a game changer for her.

She told me that she's always dreaded getting older, worried her body would start to sag and be unattractive and sick.

She said that a few days ago it all dissolved instantly when she was standing in front of the mirror and the random thought came to her, "Aging is not so bad. You're taking care of yourself really well. You look great!"

This wasn't something she was telling herself trying to pump herself up, it was just a quiet kind of knowing from deep within her soul. One of those things that feels alot like healing grace. It just seems to envelop you and all the old fears and nonsense dissolve and leave your life. It's actually one of the small miracles we all experience and sometimes we notice and think, "Wow! My life will be different now" or maybe it just quietly changes us and we keep on going.

I had one of these moments recently and I really wanted to share it because it helped me with something that is unfortunately a common problem.

I think that I have been struggling with the same everyday defeating thoughts about my body for way more years than I haven't.

I think that some of our most destructive thoughts are so deep and happen often enough, we don't always notice them or realize the damage they're doing! 

This last few years I've felt more discouraged about my body than ever. My clothes were not fitting the way I thought they should and I was feeling awful every morning while getting dressed.

What a way to start the day right?

I didn't want to buy new clothes because I wanted to wait until my body was different, worthy of new clothes. Why spend money on new clothes when my body is, in my mind, wrong!

So instead of taking care of myself and buying something that would feel good, I went for a really long time just feeling miserable and uncomfortable waiting for what? To feel like I was acceptable? To feel better at the store trying things on? Who knows?

not working

Feeling desperate, I started a workout program that helped me to make a ton of wonderful changes in my diet and life.  This was a huge accomplishment! Something to be proud of, yet, I wasn't proud. I still felt awful in my clothes.. Why? Because the exercises involved weight training which caused my body to change its shape even more. :/

Even though I had done all this work, my clothes still weren't fitting the way I thought they should!

The discouragement was really getting to me! Each day as I stood looking at my closet, all these nasty, self-defeating thoughts would make their attacks leaving me feeling self conscious and miserable. 

Until this one special day! The day this wonderful epiphany just kind of settled over me like a warm cup of hot cocoa.  It wasn't just something I told myself, it was like all the cells in my body, my heart, mind, and gut all got the message in one powerful swoop!

Here was the epiphany:


This seems so obvious, but my whole being needed to really hear it, to get it and more importantly believe it!

So... in that moment, I went through my closet like a madwoman! I threw out all the old stuff, the stuff that just didn't work and allowed myself to find what does!

beautiful body

Hallelujah! It's wonderful when we can give ourselves permission to know that we are enough. We are talented and beautiful just the way we are! Its a healing miracle when we can realize that we're doing the best we can in each moment and we're our own brand of beautiful no matter what stage of learning we're in!

So.. going into 2017, is there something in your life that you keep making yourself feel "wrong" about? Is there something in your life that you constantly beat yourself up about?

If so, use the following clearing technique to forgive yourself and let it go! This will open the space for deeper knowings from your soul to rise to the surface and somehow click right into place.

I think sometimes we have this weird fear. This inner belief that says if we love and forgive ourselves, we won't improve and make the necessary changes. It's a pattern that says if we don't beat ourselves up, we'll just be okay with the problems.

I was using this same logic to try and improve my body. Yet, I've noticed that when I love and accept my body the way it is and purchase clothes that help me feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident, I feel more inspired to eat well and continue exercising. This has felt so much better than the constant discouragement and embarrassment because 5 year old skinny pants don't fit. Maybe they're not supposed to!

When we love and support ourselves, the best solutions for our specific life situations can arise. This allows the space for our souls to really speak to us.

Maybe what works for you will be very different than what is working for someone else and that's okay!

So, what is it that you've been quietly beating yourself up about?

Ready to release it and open the space for new ideas and solutions?

Place your fist on the center of your chest and rub in clockwise circles while repeating the following statements: (This will activate the heart energy center and open things up to create a shift.)

Making the Shift

Take a few deep breaths and just start paying attention to any new thoughts or ideas that start to come up over the next few weeks.

You're new healing insight is on it's way. May something new click for you and change your life in 2017!

Hugs! Thanks for reading!

Please share in the comments what you're letting go of? What new ideas or breakthroughs you've had?

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