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Clearing the Emotional Contributors to Shoulder Pain?

Clearing the Emotional Contributors to Shoulder Pain?

Struggling with Shoulder Pain or Lack of Mobility?

Do your shoulders ache? Isn't it the most frustrating thing when you're hurting and you go to the doctor, participate in physical therapy, even surgery, yet still feel like there's something missing? Some part of you knows deep inside that something is lacking and you're not really healing, yet you can't find the answers you need? Feeling stuck and trapped in an illness can cause intense feelings of hopelessness, powerlessness, and even depression. I think this is due to a deep knowing we all have, that there is more to healing than prescriptions, surgery, and even diet and exercise.

So what is it that's missing? There are all kinds of scientific studies, bestselling books, and even reputable websites such as citing unresolved emotional issues as being substantial contributors to illness.

Why do unresolved emotional issues affect us physically? Here are a few reasons to consider:

1. An emotion is simply "energy in motion."

2. All negative emotion creates disruptions in the body's energy system.

3. One of the body's nine energy systems is called the meridian system. (Chinese Acupuncture works with the energy meridians to clear blockages and stimulate a healing) The energy meridians are considered to be the energetic bloodstream of the body. The meridians transport energy to all the organs and cells in the body. When the body's energy system gets disrupted, these meridians become sluggish and clogged and they can't run smoothly. Over time, this can greatly affect our physical health.

4. Emotional energy is energy in motion, it's meant to be validated, experienced, and released. When this doesn't happen (it often doesn't because we stuff, fight and ignore our emotions) the heavy emotional baggage literally gets stuck in the body's energy system and consequently our cell tissue.

The CDC (Center of Disease Control) has cited stress as being the number one cause of illness and disease. Stress is causes by unresolved emotional energy. So if you're struggling with chronic pain or illness, I'm going to use this section of the blog to highlight some of the emotional issues that contribute to specific aches and pains in the body.

If you're struggling with chronic shoulder pain or lack of mobility, here are a few of the common emotional themes and stress patterns that tend to affect that part of the body:

(List taken from "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die" by Karol Truman, Publisher, Olympus Distributing)

 Shoulders represent our ability to carry out experiences in life joyously. We can make life a burden by our attitude.carrying others burdens

*Bearing burdens that don't belong to you.

*Feeling that life is too great a burden to bear

*Carrying stressful responsibilities

*Lacking in courage

*Hunched & Sloped shoulders: Feels like life is a tough struggle. Feeling powerless

*Round shoulders: feelings of hopeless/helpless

*Scoliosis: Inability to trust life.

Here's a few questions and ideas to consider if your joints are feeling stiff and unable to move:

(Questions below quoted from "Your Body Speaks your Mind, Decoding the Emotional, Psychological, and spiritual Messages that Underlie Illness" by Deb Shapiro, Publisher Sounds True, Inc.)

Where has your thinking become rigid or unbending, critical or dismissive?

Stiff joints imply that you are not expressing your deeper feelings; there is a lack of freedom, or a holding on to old ways of being.

If you're shoulders are aching, consider the common issues that contribute to the issue. If they don't resonate, that's okay. These are just a few of the general patterns that tend to affect that specific area of the body. Although everyone's situation is unique and needs to be handled as such, I wanted to include some meridian tapping here to address some of the general patterns associated with shoulder pain. (If this is your first time hearing about meridian tapping, click here to find out more about it and why it works.)

Doing this simple process is calming and helps start the process of clearing the emotional blockages that are keeping you stuck and affecting your body's ability to heal. It's amazing to be able to witness how efficient and remarkable the body is. Once the stuck energy and blockages are released, the body has a profound ability to heal itself! It's been really cool to watch people transform their lives and have their body heal simultaneously! Our body's are a great tool to let us know what changes we need to make in order to heal our lives.

Meridian Tapping for shoulder pain:

Using your fingertips, just tap the points listed below while making the statements listed next to each one. meridian 500X593

(Click here if you would like to download a free Meridian Tapping Guide with detailed instructions)

Side of hand: Even though my shoulders are aching and I'm so tired of the pain, I accept myself and all my feelings.

Even though I'm feeling this pain, it feels like I've tried everything and nothing's helping, it's so frustrating, I accept this part of me, it's just the part of me that's tired of hurting and wanting relief, I'm doing the best I know how.

Even though I'm feeling overwhelmed and tired of struggling all the time, I love and accept this part of me, it's the part of me that worries about others, that feels responsible for their lives and well-being, and often powerless to help since there's so much I can't control.

Inside of eyebrow: Maybe I do carry other people's burdens? Alot of the time I do worry and feel responsible for other's happiness..

Side of eye: Maybe I'm taking on other people's emotional stress in an unconscious effort to help?

Under the eye: I've always been a compassionate person but sometimes I do feel overwhelmed and wiped out by other's stress and problems.

Under the nose: I'm not sure how to go about life differently. I really do care about others and want to be there for them when they're suffering.

Chin: I love this part of me, it's the part of me that has got me to where I am in life. It's overwhelming and heavy at times, but I'm doing the best I know how.

Collarbone: What if I could choose to set healthier boundaries emotionally and energetically for myself?

Under the arm: It doesn't mean that I'm not a caring and compassionate person, it just means that I listen with empathy and compassion while maybe visualizing the person I'm with as being surrounded by Divine, Angelic Support.

Top of the head: If I could remember that we're all surrounded by a team of spiritual help, I could love and support the people around me without having to "carry" them emotionally. I'm open to considering this idea and allowing it to work in my life.

Place fist on center of chest and rub in clockwise circles to activate the heart chakra center while making the following statements:

"I am now choosing to forgive myself for feeling so burdened and overwhelmed by all the stress and heartache that's happened to and around me. I've always done the best I know how and I'm now choosing to allow and embrace the Divine support that's always been in my life. I'm choosing to trust that we're all protected and supported as we go through the challenges in our lives. I'm choosing to allow my shoulders to relax and flow with the ups and downs of life knowing that I'll be comforted and guided through it all."

Take a few deep breaths and allow your body to relax.

If this tapping exercise resonated with you, please feel free to download a complimentary audio program designed to dissolve feelings of overwhelm and stress in minutes. Click here to get yours. :)

Some times our bodies have a hard time healing due to energy leaks in the body's energy field. An energy leak affects our body's ability to heal because it causes our life force energy to leave us and connect to another person, something we're worried about, or a painful situation from the past. This means that instead of having all our life force energy available for healing cells and tissue in our body, the energy is leaking out to some where else. This makes it very difficult for our bodies to stay active in healing mode. To read more about energy leaks and how they affect the body click here.

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