The Emotional Reasons Chocolate Chip Cookies are Irresistible!

Did you know that the kinds of food you crave are generally driven by how you are feeling emotionally?

For example: Do you ever crave Chocolate Chip Cookies? If so, what kind?

Soft and chewy, crunchy, or just the cookie dough?

If you are craving soft chocolate chip cookies, that craving tends to be driven by feelings of being worried that your love relationship may be irreparably damaged. It can also be a subtle fear of change or rejection.

If you're craving crunchy chocolate chip cookies the emotions that are generally behind that craving are tension and anger or maybe you're just feeling irritated at your love partner.

If you could skip the cookie altogether and just eat the cookie dough then you are probably feeling vulnerable and insecure or sometimes this craving comes about when you are feeling attacked by someone you care about or you're just feeling angry at yourself.

Doreen Virtue, Psychologist and Ph.D. has done an excellent job tracking the emotional contributors to the different foods we eat.

Believe it or not, most of the foods we all crave are driven by very specific types of emotional issues. Once you work with the issues involved, the desire for the unhealthy food tends to leave your mind and lose it's appeal.

Start paying attention to the kinds of foods you crave on a daily basis? If you notice that you are wanting coffee more than usual, soda pop is tasting really good lately, or potato chips are hitting the spot... whatever it is, take a moment to evaluate what's going on in your life.

Take a moment to check in with yourself and ask the following kinds of questions:

Becoming more aware of what you're feeling and what's going on in your life is the first step to healing.

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