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The Secret to Staying Calm When Things Are Falling Apart

The Secret to Staying Calm When Things Are Falling Apart

I was reading a forum today that was alive and buzzing with stressed out moms. They were worried about everything from their kid getting a bad grade to what to make for dinner and it struck me once again how challenging it is to raise children.

It's amazing how many things we have to deal with every day as parents, I mean, what an emotional roller coaster we're all on the moment our first child is born! We can go from fulfilled and gratified after a hug in the morning to heartbroken anguish when someone at school tells them they're stupid and can't be a part of the friend group.

This is the emotional teeter totter we are all living and this doesn't even factor in the other stuff like death, trying to hold a marriage together, divorce, job loss, illness, etc. Dealing with all this stress has the real potential to knock you down if you don't know how to keep your energy grounded.

Sometimes it knocks you down anyway... :(
Last week, I lost my footing and just couldn't get my feet back on the ground. I felt scattered and unable to accomplish anything! What a frustrating experience, it felt like I was teetering on the edge of losing it for days, it was awful!

Can you relate? If you're not fully grounded you might experience the following things or something similar:

*Wandering around your house knowing there's so much to do but you can't seem to focus in any one spot long enough to complete anything.

*You feel agitated and on edge, mentally foggy, and overwhelmed.

*When you talk to friends or acquaintances that are feeling angry, you'll feel angry or at the very minimum agitated. If someone close to you is feeling afraid, you'll feel afraid or maybe just drained from listening to the conversation.

*You'll feel like you are going nuts, or constantly on edge.

Things like this happen because you're not anchored and grounded in your own energy field and life experience. This automatically sets you up to take on burdens and stress that don't even belong to to be grounded

It's hard to survive and thrive when your energy isn't grounded. Think of it like a cut rose in a vase, it's still beautiful but you know its days are numbered.

These days there are more people than ever that seem to be falling apart and unable to cope with the stress and demands that are going on around them. The world we're living in is shifting and changing at dizzying speeds and it's hard to stay on top of things. Being grounded is more important than ever before but it's harder to do because of the electronic reality we're living in. Think about it, most of us are spending at least 50% or more of our time online or on smart phones so it's easy for our energy to drift. With less and less time being spent engaged in the physical world, it is of vital importance that we make the practice of "grounding our energy" a focused part of our day.

I know we're all busy and it's hard to find the time for "one more thing!" Luckily, it's something that can be done in a few minutes and will make all the difference in how you feel and function throughout the day.

When your physical body is grounded you have tons more energy. Why?... because as humans, we're meant to discharge stress and toxic energy into the ground and rejuvenate ourselves by pulling fresh energy up from the earth.

When your energy is grounded, you can be the calm in the storm. It gives you the profound ability to stay clear minded, detached, and focused no matter what chaos is going on around you. You'll be able to focus and handle the tasks in front of you. New ideas will start flowing and you'll be able to connect with a plan and follow it. No more days of being super busy and feeling like you accomplished nothing.

So.. if you're feeling scattered, emotional, overwhelmed, mentally foggy, and just an overall sensation of being disconnected with life and the people you love, doing this process will help ALOT.


5 Easy Steps to Feeling Grounded and Centered.

1. Find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed for a few minutes. Place both hands on your belly and take several deep breaths.

2. Ask your Higher Self, (the Spiritual Being that is you, that's having this human experience) to help you bring all your energy that's still at work, still with a friend who's hurting, that's scattered between all those you're worried about, that's attached to the never ending tasks that are yet to be completed, etc.... back to your Higher Self. Ask that the energy be transmuted, filtered, and then returned to you so it's clear and calm as it flows back into your body.
I like to imagine it like a gold shower that I am standing under just soaking it all in.

3. Ask your Higher Self to help you clean house. Ask that all the energy that you're holding (other people's problems, worries, judgments, criticisms, negativity, etc.) be cleared out and returned to the Higher Selves of the people it belongs to.

4. Sit quietly and imagine your feet growing roots and connecting with the ground like a tree. See the roots going deep into the ground where they can gain nourishment and energy for your body. Imagine a cord coming from way above your head that's connected with your Higher Self, coming down and running through your body and then deep into the earth. See this cord running deep and connecting with the center of the earth. Once this connection is made, imagine it as a power cord pulling energy from the ground back up into your body in a continuous connection to your Higher Self. This way you're fed with inspiration and help from your Higher Self while simultaneously replenishing your body with the healing energy of the ground.

5. Take a few deep breaths and allow the energy to circulate.

That's all there is to it!

feeling lostSo....what happens if you feel stuck and like the energy won't connect with the ground?

There are lots of things that can keep a person from being fully connected and grounded. If you're feeling stuck, like you're facing problems that are just too much, chances are you will kind of hover in your body rather than fully ground in your experience. This happens because your survival system doesn't feel safe or want to be fully present and grounded as the problem feels hopeless and overwhelming.

Here's an example:
One of my clients was a very gifted writer and scholar who was struggling. He was beyond brilliant but he just couldn't get his act together so to speak. He couldn't stick with a job, couldn't keep his bills paid, his health was falling apart, and he just felt lost!
I looked at his energy and noticed immediately that he wasn't grounded so of course this would be at least one contributor to why his life was scattered and not working. Yet, when I asked him to work with me to get the energy grounded, the energy would get stuck right around his knees, it wouldn't go any further toward the ground.

I proceeded to ask him what he was afraid to face in his life.

It turned out that this person was gay and felt like there was no way to live true to himself and still be accepted and loved by his family and community. Since it was unbelievably painful for him to exist living the lie, hovering just above his body was how his survival system was choosing to handle it. If he sort of floated through his life, he could somehow avoid the worst of the pain. Because he didn't believe he had a choice, he was terrified to fully live! (I see this same kind of scenario with people who feel stuck in a bad marriage, a job they hate, or a health challenge that's terrifying.)

I knew that in order for him to heal and thrive in his life, we would need to clear the fear and pain so he could finally connect with the ground and some more empowering options.

Once we were able to clear the energy and fear around the problem, this man was able to talk to his family and live fully empowered and present in his life. What an exciting transformation! It was really fun to witness the changes.

If you are facing huge challenges in your life, and you feel a lot of resistance to being grounded, ask yourself, "What am I afraid of facing? What is stopping me from wanting to be fully present in my body and life?"


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