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Tired of Feeling Drained and Wiped out?

Tired of Feeling Drained and Wiped out?

Negative emotion is one of the biggest energy drains we are constantly faced with.

The other day I was asking one of my good friends what she thought about some of my new advertising that said "Emotional Healing Made Easy." She said, "If I'm an average person and I read, 'emotional healing' the first thing I think is, 'hmm I don't need that." The problem is, we do!

Our emotions have a profound affect on our energy levels and how well we are able to function in all areas of our lives! Yet this is a fact that most people don't realize. 

Unresolved emotional baggage actually affects you just like extra programs, spam, and viruses affect your computer.


You know how computers often get slow and sluggish after a while? My computer was doing that a while ago and my husband brought up a screen in the task master section of the computer. It looked kind of like a hospital monitor. There were lines showing all the programs that were currently running and secretly using all the ram. From what I could see on the main screen it appeared everything was shut off. Yet what was really happening was all the different cookies, software programs, automatic upgrades, etc. were running non stop whether I could see it or not. No wonder my computer was running so slow!

This is how the emotional energy in our body works as well. Unresolved hurts, worries, resentments, guilt, frustrations, past traumas, etc. are all still running in our subconscious and energy systems.

These old hurts, specially worries and feelings of guilt are constantly running in the background of our lives looking for "upgrades" or new evidence like: why we need to hold on to the guilt, why we are an awful mother, or why there is so much to worry about, and these are just a few of the endless number of programs that are running all the time! No wonder we feel exhausted after a while or we finally blow up over something small.

Clearing these old traumas and emotional issues frees up enormous amounts of energy and stops the spiraling, defeating thoughts. Once you delete the old, un-needed programs, your subconscious no longer needs to engage in finding all the un necessary updates for why your life is miserable, why you're not good enough, and all the things that are going wrong. 

Releasing all the old stuck emotions frees you up to feel great about yourself, have more energy for the people and things you enjoy, and a clear mind for solving problems and making the best decisions.


A simple way to set the intention to start cleaning up the old programs and stuck emotions is to activate the heart center. To do this just place your fist on the center of your chest and rub in clockwise circles while repeating the following phrases:

"Even though I've had a lot of difficult things in my life, and I might be carrying a lot of painful emotion inside of me, I'm choosing to be open to releasing these old programs. I'm willing to allow my feelings without judgment. I'm doing the best that I can. I am willing to forgive the past and be open to releasing all this pain and judgment that's within me. I appreciate me for making it through all the things I have and for everything that I already do really well right now."

This is a good start. 

If you feel that you are dealing with a lot of difficult emotion like, sadness, anger, resentment, grief, guilt, regret, shame, self doubt, or feeling like your still not good enough, feel free to schedule a complementary consultation and discover how you can be free of all that heavy emotion once and for all. It's easier than you think and absolutely nothing changes your life more than letting all that stuff go!

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