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Turn a Breakdown into a Breakthrough!

Turn a Breakdown into a Breakthrough!

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A few weeks ago I was with a dear friend and she was going through a difficult time in her life. She introduced me to one of her business colleagues who told us both the coolest thing.

He said, “Behind every breakdown is a breakthrough, the bigger the breakdown, the bigger the breakthrough.”

I loved this idea, but it really got me thinking…

What happens when the breakdown feels huge and you have no idea when or if the breakthrough is coming? It's pretty tough to embrace the breakdown when you are feeling desperate and you have no idea how to work through it or even how to begin to deal with the current situation you might be in.

Since turning emotional breakdowns into breakthroughs is what I am most passionate about and have studied for the last 10 years, I wanted to share with you a simple technique designed to jump start the process of healing when you find yourself in the middle of a breakdown.

The first step is to accept where you are and how you are feeling during the breakdown without judgment. Emotions are meant to be moved through not stuffed and ignored. An easy way to start acknowledging and moving through the emotions is to place your fist on the center of your chest and rub in clockwise circles while making the following kinds of statements. (This activates the heart energy center) b2ap3_thumbnail_healing-after-an-emotional-storm.jpg

"Even though I'm in the middle of a breakdown and I'm feeling overwhelmed and I don't know if there's a way out, if there is, I can't see it right now, I appreciate me for dealing with this the best way that I know how.”

“Even though there have been times lately when I've wondered if I will even survive this breakdown and I question whether or not I have the strength to wait for the breakthrough, I accept where I am and how I'm feeling with kindness and compassion. This has been hard and I'm doing the best I know how.”

“Even though I'm really struggling and things are feeling grim, I'm open to a new way of looking at my life and I'm hopeful there will be a breakthrough soon.” 

“Even though I can't see the breakthrough yet, I appreciate me for being open to one and I'm hopeful some new ideas will open up soon.”

 “Even though this breakdown feels heavy, intense, and overwhelming, I'm open to feeling the Spiritual Support that is around me right now. I'm open to knowing that I'm not alone, and I'm hopeful that some new insights are on their way.”

“I’m open to seeing this whole situation in a new light. I know that I’m gaining wisdom and compassion right now as a result of moving through and handling this situation.”

“I’m choosing to see myself and everyone involved surrounded by healing light and comfort. I am choosing to know that a solution is on the way. I’m open to this whole problem working out in the best way possible for all involved. I am choosing to feel calm and peaceful right now even though I don't have all the answers yet.”

Take a few deep breaths and allow as much of the stress and anxiety as you can to leave your body. 

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