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What if Feelings of Depression Mean You're on the Verge of a Big Turning Point?‏

Do you struggle with feelings of depression? Since it can be such a difficult and mind numbing experience, I wanted to share a few different possibilities. As you'll soon notice, I Release depression from your lifedon't see depression the same way most people do. After struggling with it for years and reacting horribly to all of the medications, I was forced to find another way which has blessed and enriched my life in ways I could have never imagined! So, I hope if for nothing else, the following ideas will offer some different insights...
Thanks so much for reading my blog! I love being able to share ideas and the journey of healing with others who are on the same path. So.....

What if the experience of Depression is not a road block or a crisis but more of a turning point?
What if you could change the way you see it and interpret it?

What if you knew it was a deep call from your soul to heal some things in your life, to release the old pain of the past and to make some real changes?

What if you knew that its purpose was to be so debilitating and painful that it forced you to move your life to the next level?

What does the "next level" look like? Here are some possibilities....


  • Maybe your relationship needs some healing or to be dissolved entirely? (I hope not, but in some cases it's necessary.)


  • Maybe it's time for a career change?


  • Maybe some healing is in order with your family relationships?


  • Are there some deep problems in your life that you need to look at but you've been too terrified or too overwhelmed to face? (Even if you did want to face it, sometimes it can be hard to know where to even start...)

These are the kinds of problems that are silently draining your energy and keeping you paralyzed, unable to move forward with your life.
When we are unwilling to examine our lives, or we don't know how to deal with and process this stuff, our body's energy system literally "checks out" in an effort to keep us safe and to prevent more pain. Unfortunately this does not prevent more pain. It usually causes us to surround ourselves with a huge wall of ice (or something like it) and can even cause apathy and disinterest in almost everyone and everything.

When you stay checked out of your life like this for extended periods of time, your body starts to suffer, your marriage and close relationships starve and your passion or career performance deteriorates. It can literally feel like your entire life is collapsing around you.
I just saw this quote on Facebook and it reminded me of how the journey of healing really is.
"The Road to Success is Always under Construction."

The road to true healing is also always under construction. The roadblocks are your deep core issues, limiting beliefs, and stored emotional pain.

Healing from depression (and most things if you're going to get to the root of it) is not a quick fix. It's more like a transformational journey that leads to lightening your load and creating a life of purpose and meaning. Imagine how much easier your life would be if you were able to clear the road blocks and debris that are keeping you feeling stuck, foggy, and apathetic to your own life.

The more you start cleaning up your road, the more your life begins to take off. The best part of all is your energy starts to come back. You don't feel as drained and wiped out all the time!
We're all meant to discover our unique gifts and who we really are so we can live a life filled with purpose and meaning. What stops us is the thick fog of stress and unresolved stuff.

So if you're facing something difficult, consider the possibility you're on the verge of a big turning point in your life. Maybe things are happening right on schedule to help you become aware of what you no longer need so you can be open to new ideas and whole new version of you.

If you feel like you're at a serious turning point in your life but you're just not sure where to start or how to release the past and the stress that goes with it, I have some openings coming up in a new program I'm putting together. It's for those who are looking to create lasting, sustainable peace and a deep love and regard for themselves. It's for those who are looking to put their issues and the past to rest once and for all.

The "Smile Again, Create an Extraordinary Life" Mastery Program will be available in the next few weeks. I can't wait!
I hope you'll consider being a part of it.

If you liked this article and this kind of information, please come join my private group on Facebook. I have created this group to be a secure setting where we can talk about emotional healing and great ways to work with it. If you're interested, click here to join!

Have a great week!

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