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Releasing the Heavy Burden of Guilt and Regret: A Clearing to Live Lighter

how to dissolve guiltI just found some really great information about guilt and how best to heal and work through it. I wanted to share because guilt is one of the most difficult emotions we all will deal with, especially us moms! Louise Hay, author of “You Can Heal Your Life” cited guilt to be one of the most useless emotions we feel.  Can you believe that? In her book she says that guilt actually creates the most pain and suffering in our bodies and is a big contributor to illness and disease.

Yet.. a part of me cringes when I hear it said that “guilt is useless” because there’s a part of me that believes that we need the guilt, like if we don’t have it, we’ll be terrible people. After all doesn’t it seem like the most cold blooded criminals have little or no remorse and that’s what makes them terrifying?

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