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Clearing the Emotional Contributors to Shoulder Pain?

Clearing the Emotional Contributors to Shoulder Pain?

Struggling with Shoulder Pain or Lack of Mobility?

Do your shoulders ache? Isn't it the most frustrating thing when you're hurting and you go to the doctor, participate in physical therapy, even surgery, yet still feel like there's something missing? Some part of you knows deep inside that something is lacking and you're not really healing, yet you can't find the answers you need? Feeling stuck and trapped in an illness can cause intense feelings of hopelessness, powerlessness, and even depression. I think this is due to a deep knowing we all have, that there is more to healing than prescriptions, surgery, and even diet and exercise.

So what is it that's missing? There are all kinds of scientific studies, bestselling books, and even reputable websites such as citing unresolved emotional issues as being substantial contributors to illness.

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