An Interview With Ginny Walker

Q: How did you come to be a Healing Coach and an Emotional Clearing Expert? In other words, how did you get into all of this?

I have a real love and compassion for those that are suffering with Depression and Emotional pain. I understand their pain because I too have suffered with severe depression and have been required to face the dark night of the soul many times. 12 years ago, I found myself in a desperate situation. I was very sensitive to the different drugs that I was given to try and treat the problem of depression. Consequently, I was one who experienced the adverse reaction of "suicidal thoughts and tendencies" due to the drugs. I remember being very desperate and full of pain. I had 2 small children at the time and I could hardly make myself get out of bed most days. It was bad. 

So, I think that I truly “get” where people that are suffering with intense emotional pain are coming from.  I have a deep understanding and appreciation for the desperation and hopelessness a person feels when looking for answers that don’t seem to exist.

During this difficult time in my life, a wonderful woman moved into my neighborhood. She was an author and teacher of emotional health principles. Fortunately for me, she was willing to take me in and she became my mentor and best friend. I followed her everywhere with a pen and notebook. While working with her, I was led to Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine. I have since been through multiple trainings, numerous books, homestudy courses, and audio programs on the subject.  However, the most thorough training that I’ve received by far is my own journey of learning how to apply simple techniques and principles to the emotional pain and core issues as they come up. I've used these techniques to heal my own life and have helped many others do the same.

Everyone’s experience of depression and emotional pain is unique. However, one thing that seems to be universal is that it’s extremely effective to work with the body's energy system to release the disruptions that are real contributors to emotional pain and destructive patterns of sabotage.

Q: Why do you recommend Energy Healing for emotional pain and chronic problems?

I believe that it’s extremely helpful and life altering for people to understand their emotions and how to work with them on a physical level.  I’m passionate about teaching other’s because I believe that understanding our emotions and the relationship they have to the body’s energy system is the missing key to healing our lives that has been ignored for so long!

Having been through my own healing journey, I have become very clear on exactly what I can do for those looking for relief and help:

- I help people discover and release the emotional and energetic contributors to their depression or other destructive patterns .

- I am a teacher as well because I’ve learned that healing is definitely a journey and a lifestyle. A person needs to know these simple techniques so they can help themselves when the issues come up at 3:00 AM.

- I offer true compassion and understanding for where people are coming from and what they are going through.

- And most importantly, I help those that are suffering to release the emotional pain so they can see their life and situation with new eyes and hope!

Q: Does a person have to know all the specific details about their body’s energy system to be able to get results and apply the techniques?

If you’re not familiar with the body’s energy system or anything like it, that’s okay!  I love energy healing because it’s simple and it works. The key is choosing to take responsibility for how you’re feeling. This is as simple as noticing when you are feeling bad and choosing to apply simple techniques when your issues are “up.”

Q: What types of conditions/people/issues do you enjoy working with or specialize in?

I specialize in working with those that are feeling overwhelmed and burdened with difficult emotions. I love to teach people not only how to be free of painful emotions but also how to protect yourself from absorbing other people's burdens and unrest. It's a wonderful feeling to know how to feel grounded and mentally clear so you can be emotionally available and present for those that need you the most.

I am not a psychotherapist or anything close to it. Please seek medical help as needed. My focus with depression, weight issues, and other emotional stress is to teach people how to clear the energetic disruptions that are known contributors to low energy and emotional discomfort. My definition of depression is a state of feeling negative, down, and low energy, most or all of the time. In a nutshell, the people I work with seem to have lost their "zip." They just feel blahhhh about life. The everyday tasks just feel exhausting and overwhelming. I believe that the "zip" is missing because they're energy system is not functioning the way it should.

What causes the energy system to get disrupted and out of whack? When we are faced with challenges in our lives that we feel powerless to solve such as divorce, weight challenges, health challenges, painful relationship issues, financial stress, etc... our body's energy system will "check out" in an effort to keep us safe and suffering the least amount of pain. When this happens, the symptoms can look and feel exactly like depression, or what I call "no zip left."

I also work with those that may not consider themselves as “depressed.” This could be those that simply want to release their painful emotions and spiraling thoughts that keep them from living the life that they want to live.

In a nutshell, I work with anyone who wants to learn how to get rid of the negative emotions that are pent up inside of them like:
grief, guilt, shame, resentment, anger, loneliness, abandonment, fear, overwhelmed, apathetic, etc. etc.

Q: What happens during a session? Are phone sessions as effective as in person?

Phone sessions are every bit as effective as any other session with me.  I’ve discovered that people get great results. Because the session is done over the phone, people tend to feel more at ease and able to relax at home where they're most comfortable. During your session you will simply be tapping on key meridian points and visiting with me so we can discover the core issues and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and feeling bad.

Q: Ginny, based on everything I’ve read how can I work with you?

The first thing that I recommend is that you download the free gifts that I offer on the website.  This will give you a chance to experience energy healing, learn some simple techniques that work fast, and also clear some common feelings of overwhelm and guilt. Listening to these audios will help you get familiar with Energy Healing and what it's all about.

When you sign up to receive the free audios, you will also gain access to the E-Course, "How to Release Feeling Alone, Unloved, Unappreciated, and Like Giving Up," This will give you a chance to learn a simple yet very powerful Energy Healing technique right now.

If you find that the information resonates and makes sense to you, contact me and we’ll set up a  consultation. The consultation is 30 minutes. It give us a chance to focus specifically on your situation and discover if Energy Healing is a good solution for you.  To schedule your complimentary consultation contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..