liberation from guilt free audio

Still saying yes to things that drain you?

Nothing violates your boundaries and drains your energy more than making choices out of feelings of guilt and obligation. People often find themselves saying yes, when their spirit's are screaming "no!" Why do we do this?

Often it's because we're afraid of hurting someone's feelings, being judged, rejected, or letting someone down so we drag ourselves into things we don't feel inspired or interested in.

Liberation from Guilt is a ground breaking program designed to activate your ability to set healthy boundaries.
The techniques in this audio will help you release the heavy feelings of guilt, fear, and obligation. This is a powerful way to free up your energy so you can comfortably say no to the things that drain you and yes to the experiences that lift and inspire your soul.

I know you're a caring and amazing human being who loves to help people and really doesn't want to let others down so let me tell you what this program will NOT do:

  • It will not encourage you to be selfish and forget the people you love.
  • It will not promote the idea of life being all about you and spending your life at the spa. (Although, sometimes that sounds really nice.)

This audio is for real people who actually have others depending on them and a full schedule. The point of this program is mainly to help release the feelings of guilt and obligation so you can choose your time and activities from a place of clarity and connection with your heart. It's designed to save you from running yourself ragged and feeling resentful.