Messages Your Children Need to Hear (Digital Files)

$9.95 each

circle-digital-copyLearn about the 5 different stages of development and how to validate your child during each stage. Send your child healing messages of love and validation.

Child on the beachChildren develop in five different stages and it is crucial to their emotional growth that they receive love and validation through all of those stages. As parents we sometimes get caught up in teaching our children to clean their rooms, tie their shoes, and do their homework. Although these are all very important lessons to learn their emotional development is even more important. What we give our children during these stages is what they will use their entire lives to deal with their emotions but it is also what they will pass onto their own children someday. Don't worry if you have missed a few stages along the way. This program will give you the tools you need to help your child develop at any stage.

  • Discover the five stages of development
  • Learn to validate your child during each stage
  • Give your child the tools and love they need for healthy emotional development

Digital files only: $9.95

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