Ultimate Advantage Weight Loss (Digital)

Ultimate Advantage Weight Loss (Digital)
$14.95 each

Hard Copy version includes access to digital file as well

Feeling empty and discouraged because you're doing all the right things? Eating healthy and working out at the gym yet the scale still isn't reading the weight that you think it should be?

Core beliefs that you can't lose the weight, won't lose the weight or don't deserve to lose the weight could be sabotaging your efforts. Beyond that there could also be deep subconscious beliefs that are programming your body to hold on to the extra weight no matter what you do! Learn to love your body, accept yourself, and release the negative beliefs that are keeping you frustrated and unhealthy. This program will help you to put the sweetness back into your life so that you no longer need the sugar and can take care of your body ultimately giving you the confidence that you need to finally lose the weight.

  • Release the beliefs and emotions that are keeping you overweight and unhealthy
  • Create a healthy relationship with your body
  • Crave healthy foods, take care of yourself, and get your confidence back

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